Thursday, April 22, 2010

Royal birthday dinner, part I

We'll be in Australia visiting Mike's family and exploring Melbourne and the Victoria region next month. We're spending one night and having one meal at the Royal Mail Hotel as my birthday conveniently falls at the halfway point of our vacation. Anthony Bourdain has raved about this place and just a few months ago, watching 'No Reservations,' I told Mike I wanted to go there someday.

Someday arrives May 21.

When we called to make our reservations (Bourdain may need no reservations but we called ahead), we were told dinner would take 3.5 hours.

Here's the menu omnivore:

sardine on toast
pork sandwich
heirloom tomato, different basils
pacific oyster, snow pea, grapefruit, marine essence
southern rock lobster, prosciutto, sea lettuce, quinoa
egg yolk, toasted rye, legumes, yeast
pine mushroom and scallop, hints of autumn
menu omnivore
eel, beef tendon, kohl rabi, potato
lamb, eggplant in white miso, pine nut, chlorophyll
rhubarb, licorice, almond, citrus
fresh and dried berries, beetroot, black olive, rose
pistachio, hazelnut, honeycomb, chocolate

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