Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Grill + deck + late April weather

How many things can you put on the fire while it's still hot enough to cook food?

Last night, Mike started with chicken thighs marinated in chili oil, yellow onions and bananas. We realized we had a NY strip in the fridge, one bolillo leftover from Sunday's potluck, a large can of black beans and some whole canned tomatoes. This hodgepodge smorgasbord* resulted in a delicious, all-grilled dinner (except for the creamy, decadent, on-the-verge-of-expiration creme fraiche we bought a couple of months ago from Antonelli's).

We used the creme fraiche on both the black bean-tomato reduction 'soup' and the grilled bananas. Our meal was almost better than the Mars gazing we did after dinner.

*Yes, yes, that is a lot of food. But stop judging; we had leftovers.

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