Friday, April 30, 2010

Dude food

Interviewer: What do you think about the El Nino phenomenon?
Bridget Jones: It's a blip. Latin music's on its way out.

Bridget Jones is one of my favorite single women of the screen. My friend Em is one of my favorite single women on earth -- but not for long!

In a few short hours, I'm headed to the Texas Hill Country with about a dozen girls to celebrate Em's last few months of being single. I take full credit for suggesting the dude-ranch-bachelorette-weekend-getaway thing to Em. She and her sister scoured the hill country for a cabin that can accommodate each of us for $99 per day, including three square meals a day.

I expect a lot of home cookin', which I may or may not work off by horseback riding, two-stepping or swimming. And by swimming, of course, I mean taking a nap by the pool.

Expect my next post on Monday. Likely to include some sort of fruit cobbler and possibly a fried protein swimming in gravy.

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