Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I no longer have to choose between sushi and cable

My sister carted me around to a doctor's appointment yesterday and we stopped off for lunch afterwards at a How Do You Roll? sushi bar, several miles north of my office. My lil' sis introduced me to this place a couple of months ago, and this was my third time back. (There was a fourth attempt but long lines landed me at the chicken place next door.)

There are long lines for a reason. This sushi is fresh, affordable and perfectly customized - you pick your own roll ingredients, right down to the seaweed v. soy bean wrap. You even get to pick your own sauces, and you can double up as I like to do. We ate a healthy amount of sushi and she had miso soup for a mere $19 - that's $9.50 per person! For sushi! And plenty of it!

Our lunch would have easily cost $15 but we upgraded one of the rolls by adding scallops on top and trying soy bean paper. (I'm glad we tried it but I prefer traditional seaweed.)

This was so good I'd be going back for more today if I didn't have lunch plans downtown.

Featured below are the two rolls we shared. The first is the soy bean wrap filled with rice, tuna, sprouts, cucumber and cream cheese. We topped it with scallops and spicy mayo sauce. The second is my go-to roll: seaweed wrap with rice, salmon, cream cheese, cucumber and avocado, topped with unagi (eel) sauce and spicy mayo.

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