Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Ah. Much Better.

I finally popped in to Tasty Healthy Meals, a fairly new addition on south Lamar near the Whole Foods headquarters. The signage is bright and welcoming, and I often drive past them while I'm running errands on my lunch break. I especially like the two signs out front: "Turn Right."
"To Eat Right."

Here's a quick review of my Tasty Healthy Meal:

It sure was Healthy. They've got some work to do on the Tasty.

Then there's the fact that my lunch cost $8.65. (I suppose Tasty Healthy Pricey Meals doesn't have the same ring to it.) And sure, $9 isn't horrific, but I know I could spend that much on the exact same ingredients and get two or three meals of out them.

I understand the niche they're after: people with money who don't like to cook. And that just ain't me. I did appreciate the variety of options they offer, and all of the nutritional content on the label was a very nice touch. I walked out with some great ideas for my next few home-cooked meals. Time to hit the new 100,000+ square-foot H-E-B in my hood.

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