Monday, April 26, 2010


Wharton, Texas.

An unexpectedly beautiful place. (Perhaps more so in April than August?)

We spent a sunny afternoon in Wharton this past Saturday, and Hinze's was a must-stop upon arrival. I wasn't feeling too well (tummy issues from the previous night's dinner of spicy green curry cocunut soup), and I don't believe I was able to appreciate Hinze's in all its glory. But I did manage to eat most of my plate and sample some of Mike's.

The pork ribs (my fall-back position at most BBQ places) were well seasoned and meaty, the sausage had exactly the right amount of spice, and I've never had such good green beans. Green beans often look sad and brown; these were plump -- and green. I'm also glad it wasn't all-you-can-eat because I could've had three or four servings of the fresh-from-the-fryer fried okra. Mike clearly knew what he was doing when he ordered a double side of bacon and onion potatoes; I've never used the word 'pillowy' to describe potatoes, but these were just that. They were almost as pillowy as the slice of homemade bread you get with each plate. (If I'd been thinking straight, I would have asked if I could purchase a loaf.) Perhaps the only negative was a slightly dry brisket.

I don't fault Hinze's for dry brisket. I've had moist brisket maybe twice in my life. That's my main beef with most brisket - it's always dry - which is why I never order it at BBQ places. I'll stick to my ribs.

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