Tuesday, March 2, 2010

White Wedding

This beautiful tart caught my eye a few weeks ago as I was browsing my favorite foodie blogs. I thought about making it for a visit from my mom, but she hates cheesecake and this recipe looked pretty close to one.

So I waited for another appropriate occasion to test it out: my friend Debbie's bridal shower. Our mutual friends, her hostesses, outdid themselves with beautiful, feminine touches throughout the house. (I'm waiting for Huebscher to post photos of her own.) I was happy to contribute a dessert to go on a tableful of amazing sweets from around Austin. Every detail of this shower was thoughtfully executed. From the homemade passion fruit soda labels to the lemony madelines sent home with guests, this was a bride-to-be's dream come true.

As for the tart, it was good. Rich. Creamy. Dense. Not too sweet. Possibly, though, a bit too rich and a bit too dense. Didn't stop me from enjoying an entire slice. The crust was divine, though the flax seed added a slightly 'off' flavor that I'd do without in the future. I also couldn't find hazelnuts at the local Sprouts, so I added more walnuts and almonds to compensate.

P.S. Huebscher, if you're reading this, I want the madelines recipe!

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  1. it's all yours!