Thursday, March 25, 2010

Very fine, from Monterrey

A person from Monterrey, Mexico is called a "regiomontano." And all around Austin, small food trailers and outdoor stands are cooking up chicken, Monterrey-style.

We're big fans of "Pollo Regio," a regional chain of Monterrey-style rotisserie chicken stands that includes two very convenient locations: around the corner from Mike's house and a few blocks down the street from mine. You can get a whole chicken, beans, rice, grilled onion, soft corn tortillas and neon green, blow-your-mind-and-make-you-cry hot sauce for about $12. More than enough to feed 3-4 adults.

Last night we stopped at a competitor's trailer, El Norteno, for a bit of comparison shopping. In a taste test, I likely wouldn't be able to spot the difference. We both agreed the Pollo Regio chicken is a little more moist and the rice at El Norteno is fluffier and likely made with more butter. But overall, you get the same deal at the same price and you don't feel too badly about eating this version of 'fast food.' It's quick, inexpensive and beats the hell out of fast food. It was also a great way to treat ourselves after making it to the gym.

*Coincidentally, the word "regio" in Argentina is slang for "fine." And this was indeed some fine-tasting pollo.

Oh, and this photo above? That's only a half-chicken order, sold for a mere $7 and plenty for two.

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