Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Austin Restaurant Week: Jasper's

What can I say? I blame Bon Appetit as much as I blame Jasper's. I'm no expert on BBQ, but their baby back ribs cannot possibly be the third-best in the nation. I don't think they'd rank in the top 30, for that matter.

Ribs aside, our Jasper's experience was lovely. The company was delightful - Mike and I joined my sister and a few of her friends I'd yet to meet - and everything was scrumptuous. The ribs were my least favorite, but it's not as if I'd turn down a rack.

Mike and I went 50-50 on the ribs with a side of cheesy, creamy potatoes and the perfectly cooked pork tenderloin with bourbon creamed corn (yum!). My shrimp and grits appetizer made me re-think my previous opinions on grits, and Ally's calamari was among the best I've had. Desserts were good, though the dulce de leche-filled chocolate cake wasn't warm enough to be deserving of a 'molten' label. Perhaps the most popular dessert was a marshmallow creme-cookie-ice cream concoction we sampled off Ally's plate. Both Mike and one of my sister's friends regretted their choice of berries and creme; though the berries were fresh, the creme was unexpectedly liquid and the presentation was dull in comparison to the other dessert concoctions.

Overall, I enjoyed our Restaurant Week experience. Jasper's does food well, the venue is cozy, and in the past, I've enjoyed the food and prices on their daily happy hour menu. But I don't think I'll be rushing back for a regular meal at their regular prices anytime soon.

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