Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Valley Tacos. Unrivaled.

There are many, many things I love about going to south Texas to visit my family. Watching old movies with my mom, arguing with my dad about his health, visiting my grandmother and helping her with anything she needs around the house.

But just after quality time with friends and family, the list turns to food.

I have my favorites - Kumori for sushi, Taco Palenque for the egg/potato/chorizo on flour (night or day), and my parents' kitchen for everything from pizza to marinated skirt steak.

On this most recent trip, I ventured outside my usual stops to accommodate coworkers and schedules. Most of them aren't worth writing home about, save these tripe and sweetbread tacos from a dive called La Taqueria near the airport in Harlingen. At $4.50 for 6, they're almost worth the roundtrip from McAllen.

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