Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Butter + Flour + Sugar + Berries = Love

I'm only 6 posts in, and already 30% of my home-cooking is Smitten-inspired.

Last night after the mildly successful attempt at glass noodles, I found I had all of the ingredients for a dessert that we could also have for breakfast: blueberry crumb bars. (In all fairness, I'd been eyeing these for a while, so I only happened to have the ingredients because I happened to pick up a few pints of blueberries at Whole Foods late last week -- just in case.)

Since I'm leaving town today, last night was my only real opportunity to make these little beauties. I forgot to capture both the noodles and the crumb bars last night on camera. Fortunately, I brought leftovers of both to work today.

I remembered to take a picture before I completely devoured my crumb bar. Hope I do better at lunchtime.

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