Monday, February 8, 2010

Hole in the Wall

I visited the Hole in the Wall a number of times in college, as it's right across the street from the Communications building at the University of Texas, where I spent many evenings toiling in the basement to help put out the campus newspaper, The Daily Texan.

Back then, it was a true hole in the wall, and the only food to be found was a jar of pickled eggs on the counter. They looked like something out of a science laboratory. The Hole in the Wall was many things, but never a place for fine dining.

Fast forward more than a dozen years, and the Hole has expanded to include a rather spacious outdoor seating area and a kitchen. Last night after a documentary screening, we headed over for a drink, and when Emily asked for the menu, I wanted to squeal with delight. I'd forgotten they had food!

I didn't get to sample much. My own order of al pastor 'mini tacos' was a good deal at 5 for $7, well seasoned and with all the traditional fixin's of onion, cilantro and something sweet that I hope was pineapple (it's dark in there), served with a green salsa that, for me, is imperative with al pastor tacos. I also tried a fried pickle off someone else's place. Mike and I agreed there was too much pickle for the breading but it was still very flavorful.

Because the Hole is dark, I couldn't inspect my food as I'm wont to do (it was certainly too dark to take photos of my mini tacos), but I'm pretty sure I spotted sesame seeds in the pickle coating. On the menu, you'll find a la carte tacos at $3.25 apiece; Mike said his chorizo taco was simple but good. I also spied a chips-and-queso plate being served to a nearby table, and some guy at the bar suggested trying their baked potato.

There seems to be a good little mix of offerings, and since I'll be back to the Hole time and again, it's good to know I can get a decent snack while I'm there.

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