Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Q: What Rhymes with Snow?

Din Ho!

It's snowing in Austin today. My office and at least some schools and state agencies (read = Mike's office) shut down around noon. I immediately emailed Mike to tell him I had the afternoon off, and he suggested we meet for Chinese food. We don't often get together for lunch since we work on opposite ends of town, so this combination of lunch with Mike + snow day + Chinese food made for a very rare triple treat.

Din Ho is one of my favorite Chinese restaurants in town. I've celebrated a couple of birthdays there, and it's the restaurant where Mike first met my parents. I love the Peking Duck, the roast BBQ pork, the soups, the noodles. Even their fortune cookies seem to taste better.

Today, we agreed on two main dishes + a vegetable to split between the two of us. Below: Pepper steak and flat noodles in black bean sauce with sauteed Chinese broccoli. Not pictured: the all-too-quickly devoured combination BBQ pork/duck over white rice.

After lunch, there was only one thing to do. Head to Mike's for video games, movies and, of course, that work we were going to do from home!

(Yes. This is enough snow to cause half the city of Austin, Texas to shut down. Suck it, Yankees!)

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