Friday, November 12, 2010

Ina's mushroom lasagna

Ina Garten is a genius. So is Deb. They unknowingly joined forces recently and implored me to make a wild mushroom lasagna with a bechamel sauce.

It's still a little too warm to feel like fall has arrived in Austin, Texas. But this recipe brought me one step closer to fuzzy socks and dutch ovens filled with meaty stews.

When I make this again for my family's visit later this month, I will take Deb's advice (add garlic to the milk) and Mike's advice (mix the roux a bit longer before adding the milk). But there isn't much else I'd change.

The best thing about this meal might be the leftovers; I'll find out tonight!


  1. What Stella said. I might be dropping by later with a tupperware and puppy dog eyes!

  2. I find reheated lasagna the best, lol! Even my kids says reheated lasagnas are yummier, lol! Anyway, we always have that in our house since I always make sure to make a big batch of lasagna recipes for freezer dinners. Yup, lasagna makes for a great freezer dinner. I can guarantee that, :)