Monday, November 22, 2010

A feast fit for ... two?

We're spending Thanksgiving alone, Mike and I -- our first holiday on our own, in our new home, just the two of us, the dog, the cats and a few friends popping in and out over the weekend.

Initially, I wasn't sure about this whole holiday-on-our-own thing, but as Thursday approaches, I'm increasingly excited about the prospect of a little staycation with my fiance on a holiday weekend as food-centric as Thanksgiving.

We discussed various aspects of the menu (and I learned valuable tidbits, including his feelings about cornbread stuffing), and we're pretty much settled on the day's meal. Even the shopping's done. All we have to do now is cook the following:

A small(ish) turkey - I insisted on a whole bird; I want stock and lots of leftovers.
Brioche-sausage-sage stuffing - thank you, Five Ingredient Fix! I'm adding ingredients six and seven - sauteed onions and carrots.
Jalapeno creamed acorn squash - Mike found a recipe and this one's all him.
Cranberry-orange-jalapeno salsa - I'm going to wing it.
Roasted brussel sprouts - Already a bi-monthly staple around here.
Glazed carrots - Because they're awesome and we need something bright on our plate.
Gravy - Essential.
Pillsbury Crescent rolls - Equally essential. (Don't judge me,)
Pecan pie - Mike's childhood recipe. He refuses to throw in a few chocolate chips.

I'm so looking forward to this meal -- to preparing it, eating it, and feasting on leftovers for the rest of the weekend. But my favorite Thanskgiving indulgence will come on Friday afternoon when I reach for turkey, cranberry salsa, white bread (think "Wonder") and real, high-fat mayo on both slices. That sandwich, along with my grandmother's birthday, might be the best part of late November.


  1. Boycott cornbread stuffing to protest American corn subsidies!

  2. I would also like to endorse stuffing ingredient 8: one tart apple, diced. and maybe a few pecans, in which case it would suspiciously resemble my dad's recipe. ::grin::

    you're welcome to the cranberry salsa recipe I posted a million years ago. super easy.

  3. I loved that salsa (*loved*), but I'm definitely looking for a more traditional sauce (read: goopier and sweeter). And I have two unused pomegranates in the fruit bowl and have decided on a cranegranate sauce this year. You know, the healthy pom to help balance out the ridiculous amounts of mayo going on my turkey sandwiches!

  4. ^ says the man who's making cornbread for brunch with friends on Saturday!