Tuesday, April 5, 2011

hopdoddy = family

I've only been to Austin's new bustling, enviro-friendly burger spot twice. Both times were with family. The first time, a large group of us went on a Saturday afternoon, and I had a regular ol' mushroom-and-swiss burger that was anything but regular.

My little sister was dying to go back and we agreed to have lunch - which we don't do often enough - when she was scheduled to get out of her nursing job earlier than usual.

We'd committed early on to sharing a burger with a salad, and she convinced me to try the Janis Joplin. This hemp seed veggie patty was so meaty and fresh, you could see the bits of lentil throughout. All of the fixin's -- avocado, sprouts and Tillamook Cheddar with a slathering of Mustard -- made it look and taste substantial. (This is key for meat lovers who find themselves eating meatless burgers.)

The $6 field greens salad was generous in size and topped off with killer croutons that can only be homemade, like the Hopdoddy buns.

My half of the salad and half of the buger ($7.50 total) was the perfect lunch. My sister is the perfect lunch companion.

In fact, the only thing about our lunch at hopdoddy that wasn't perfect was the crappy photo I took on my iPhone:


  1. Perfect timing as I'm going there for the first time on Thursday night! Can't wait :-)

  2. I would love to know what you think! Everyone who has been there seems to love it, and my sis and I were commenting on how packed the place was. They are doing tremendous business!

  3. We went to the Hopdoddy with our daughter and son-in-law twice this past week because it's one place that has something for everyone, and for me it's the Janis Joplin veggie burger. I'd love to find the recipe, as it was delicious and I live a good six or seven hours drive away.

    This restaurant is reasonably priced with delicious burgers and tremendous service, since the format was changed where customers place orders, which are delivered to tables when ready. They are doing a tremendous business and I wish them well.