Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Sonoran hot dog

In Tucson, Arizona, there are at least two spots known 'round the land for producing a high-quality Sonoran hot dog.

Last year, we tried BK's. The hot dog was good, loaded with things I'd never had on a hot dog until then. But the taco I ordered to complement my dog was even better.

This time, we tried BK's competitor, El Guero Canelo.*

Since we popped in between lunch and dinner, we each got only one hot dog -- mine was once again fully loaded, wrapped in bacon and topped with beans, tomatoes, chopped white onion, cheese, mustard, sour cream and limes and salsa. Mike scaled his down a little, opting out of the onions and mustard. (I know, I don't get it, either!)

I didn't think there was a big distinction between BK's or Guero Canelo; they both make a mean Sonoran dog.

*Long before I met Mike or knew the restaurant existed, I was familiar with the Calexico song bearing the Guero Canelo name. If you've never heard it -- or if you're unfortunate enough to be unfamiliar with Calexico in general - give it a listen. It's not about hot dogs, but it's just as good.


  1. I wonder if there's an Austin food trailer yet doing the Sonoran hot dog thing. Hmmm ....

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