Monday, July 12, 2010

Most disappointing food photo of all time*

We'd had calamari steaks in the freezer for a couple of months, so tonight we dipped them in egg wash and bread crumbs a la milanese and paired them with salad. My sister got me hooked on cilantro-laden salad, and tonight I kept it simple: spinach, cilantro, red onion, and some heirloom tomatoes from the best grocery store in Austin. (And in a lucky twist of fate, it is also one of the few grocery stores that is now located between my office and my new commute** home!) The salad was topped with the best - and most fattening - dressing ever. Cashew Tamari from Mother's. I can't explain, really; you'll just have to try for yourself one day.

Because we had such a low-carb dinner, I went and found me some carbaliciousness in the fridge. Our lovely friend Gerald gave us, as a birthday treat for Mike, the loveliest loaf of zuchinni bread on the planet. I raved about it when Gerald brought some to share at our picnic at Blues on the Green last week. It's a far cry from the savory zuke bread my little sis makes on occasion. This one is cakey, chockful of sugar, butter, walnuts and small bits of green that make you feel a little bit better about eating it. I had mere half-slice for dessert tonight, proving to myself that I am capable of exhibiting a modicum of self control.

*I'm still without an iPhone. We can't find Mike's camera. And his Google phone camera is almost as bad as my $30 Samsung phone camera.

**I am officially moved in with my future hubby. Or I will be once we get the last of my furniture into his house next week. My commute is exactly the same, only now I'm a bit northeast of downtown instead of southeast. And I get Wheatsville, the Triangle and most of Hyde Park on my drive home. Double-thumbs up.

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  1. Congrats on the move! Also, what's with all the lost cameras these days?! Hope Mike finds his.