Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I take that back. THIS is the worst food photo* of all time.

But I don't care. Because despite the $30 Samsung camera phone crap quality of this photo, it's the best homemade pasta carbonara I've ever had. (It's also the first, but that is so not the point.)

Mike made the dough - look, Ma! no recipe! - and I tended to a slow-fry of the pancetta, which we'd purchased at the Hope Farmer's Market a couple of weeks ago. I also prepped the egg/parmesan/black pepper sauce. We didn't have cream in the house, so I Googled and found a creamless recipe. I'm always hesitant to use recipes on the Interwebs when the site looks a bit sketchy, as this one did. I'm glad I took the leap of faith.

I have no doubt that fresh eggs, bianco sardo from Antonelli's and farmer's market pancetta jointly elevated the recipe. But without question, the star of the show was the thick-cut, handmade pasta dough -- a cross between a tagliatelle and a pappardelle. It was delicate yet sturdy, and boiled to the perfect consistency.

I had some doubts a few months ago about making homemade pasta. The store-bought variety, I thought, was just as tasty and so much easier. But now that Mike has mastered the art, I'm pretty sure there's no going back. (Unless he's out of town, and I really want some spaghetti.)

*Food photo quality is about to improve dramatically! We found Mike's camera tucked behind some books on the bookshelf, and just last night, I activated a friend's old iPhone so I can use it until I'm eligible for an 'upgrade' in January. No more Samsung!

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  1. Sometimes the first impression we have on a dish is not so good as when we taste it.
    In this case we cannot appreciate the picture, but this is actually the best pasta you ever had!
    When I was in my furnished apartments in Buenos Aires I cooked something really great, although the decoration was not good!