Friday, June 18, 2010

iMiss my iPhone

I lost my iPhone on the plane between Melbourne and New Zealand, and I could not bring myself to pay $399 for the same phone that three months prior had cost me $199(not to mention the additonal cost of the warranty, which doesn't - of course - cover lost and stolen phones).

So I told AT&T to shove it, and I purchased a $30 phone with no data plan to keep me going until I'm eligible for an upgrade, which means the privilege of that $199 'discount.' (I have to say I'm rather enjoying the bit of disengagement. But I miss the photo capabilities.)

My $30 Samsung turns out dark and blurry photos. The quality is so very poor that I can't bring myself to expose my few beloved readers to such crap photos. They're a disservice to you and, trust me, they're even a disservice to a plate of pasta.

Expect some pics of the weekend, on Mike's trusty point and shoot, as our long-awaited Thomas Keller Tribute Night takes place this Sunday evening. We're hosting my former neighbors (who will cook out of TK's Bouchon), my new neighbors (who will cook out of Ad Hoc), and my sis and our Austin stand-in brother (also cooking out of Bouchon). Mike and I will be cooking out of French Laundry -- and possibly, fingers crossed, dining there in September!

Our task this Sunday involves shopping for and producing a hopefully edible artichoke ravioli and striped bass entree. Wish us luck!

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  1. I didn't know you lost your iPhone and am so sorry to hear it! I just downgraded from the 900 minute to the 450 minute plan...not the same thing, but still emotional.

    What an AMAZING dinner that was...and I'm thinking about you.

    Sending hugs!