Monday, June 13, 2011

House Pizzeria

I'd been craving House Pizzeria for weeks.

I resisted temptation last month, when we drove right past House but decided to go home and make our own pizza with the veggies we had on hand. But ever since I wrote about their potato and goat cheese pizza in my post for Dalia and Hussein's visit, I couldn't get House off my mind.

After a quick stop at a fundraiser and a happy hour for our friend Monica at Opa! Coffee & Wine Bar, Mike and I headed over to House.

The "Noble" was one of the House house specials that evening. When I saw what was on it -- pork belly, goat cheese, arugula and dates -- I decided the goat cheese and potato would have to wait.

The "Noble" was as good as I expected. Sweet and savory came together beautifully on a pizza dough that somehow manages to be chewy and crispy at the same time. I *love* the House crust! Even the burnt bits.


  1. Hello,

    I am a food blogger just south of you in San Antone and I came across your site. I am making an app and was curious if you would like to be suggested blog on it for Austin? Let me know if you're interested! (I couldn't find your email).


  2. wow, this is Yummy!!!

  3. Garrett,
    Sure! Why not? Feel free to post the link here. I can send you my email via private message, too, if you'll send me a way to contact you! I'm on twitter (laurashoke).