Sunday, March 13, 2011

St. Louis gooey butter cake

I'm in a rare mood.

I want to bake.

Which means I'm turning to my favorite food blogger for some inspiration. (I really wanted to make these awesome raspberry bars but that would require leaving the house for preserves.)

So I'm letting these come to room temp while I vascillate between wanting to go the productive route (laundry/cleaning) but leaning towards an It's-Spring-Forward-Sunday-gimme-a-break route (DVR).

Stay tuned. Even if this doesn't turn out well, the house should smell good for the rest of the day.


  1. Oh man...I used to be addicted to a San Antonio form of this, known as a Bambino Huey. :-)

  2. I know the Bambino Huey! I've had it three or four times! My friend Debbie and I used to go there just for dessert. I heard it closed years ago. :(

    My cake tasted nothing like a Bambino Huey but I know, on some level, I made it in the hopes that it would.

    Next time: fewer minutes in the oven, more ooey and gooey.