Monday, January 24, 2011

Marriage is ... French Onion Soup

First things first. We're officially hitched! We got married on a rainy, cold mid-January night under a big, white tent in Austin, Texas, with 56 family members, one photographer friend and one musician we trusted to play our songs on cue.

It was an amazing night -- a romantic, intimate, happy, joy-filled, love fest. With one pretty amazing Argentina-inspired meal you may recall. I am now 9 days into wedded bliss with the love of my life, and I know we've got many, many adventures ahead. I suspect a good number of them will take place in our beautiful new kitchen.

But back to the soup.

It started with an article about caramelizing onions that Mike read on Serious Eats. Before we knew it, we had friends over for a simple Caesar salad (they brought the romaine from their garden beds), some wine and cheese and bowls of steamy French onion soup.

It came out great. A warm, cozy bowl full of happy. A lot like the first 9 days.

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